Compo Schedule 2013


As pointed out before, we have a fully planned compo schedule for 2013. People are able to plan ahead and think about topics a long time before the compo even starts which will lead to better and more entries we hope. Compos run for 7 Weeks with 1 week voting time.

Here are our Compo Topics:

Compo Schedule 2013:
- Jan-Feb psy/psytrance/goa Compo (req by siloK,anni)
- Mar-Apr Open Music Compo - no theme, no restrictions (Mystra, rams)
- May-Jun One Hour Compo with predefined sampleset (serpent) - maybe we will hold a surprise compo here too
- Jul-Aug changeling compo Compo (schnappi)
- Sep-Oct soundtrack OR tv-theme (BitArts)
- Nov Dez Christmas Compo (Traditional compo)
Current compo:
No compo at the moment